Meals for 4 under $5

My husband asked me to try to make meals for our family for an entire month for under $5 per meal. I did it! But recently I’ve gone back to my old ways…

I will be attempting this again for the entire month of July 2013 and will be posting those meals here!

I think it’s important for people to have good, healthy, unprocessed food to give to their families without breaking the bank! So I want to help give you some different ideas for food. We also think it’s important to cut back on our meat intake, don’t get me started, but I can point you in the direction of some amazing documentaries showing where our food comes from 🙂 That being said, some posts are vegetarian, and those will also be grouped together for people only interested in veggies! However, I challenge you to cut out the meat one night a week! Your husband probably won’t even notice 🙂

Vegetarian Black Bean Quinoa Burgers (Fed 5 for $3.38)

Vegan Quinoa Burrito Bowls (Fed 4 for about $4.19)

Vegan Toasted Almond & Cranberry Pearl Couscous (Fed 4 for $4.18)

Pulled Pork, $.45 per serving


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