Pasta Salad (Fed 4 for $5.81)

Pasta SaladRecently, I went to a friends house and she served this AMAZING pasta salad. She included fried tofu in hers, but I left it out because I didn’t have time to press the tofu before serving. I like this salad because it’s served cold, so I make a batch and leave it in my fridge to grab when I don’t feel like cooking lunch 🙂

Boil 8 oz. pasta using directions on package. I used spiral pasta because it’s easy for little hands to pick up.

While the pasta is cooking, dice one roma tomato and put in a large bowl. I used a large roma, you could use two tomatoes if you want. Dice and add one cucumber, you could take the seeds out, I left them in because I don’t mind them so much. Rinse, drain and add one 15 oz. can of black beans, I use seasoned Bush’s black beans. I had 3 leftover ears of corn from last night’s dinner. I cut the kernels off the cob and added those in for some color. You could use about 8 oz. frozen corn (cooked, using directions on bag) also. Now for the top secret ingredient… On the dressing aisle, look for Bragg Organic Ginger & Sesame Salad Dressing, it’s SO yummy and is the only thing you will need for this salad… no salt, no nothing, just this. Shake and add about 1/3 of the bottle to the bowl and toss.

Once the pasta is done cooking, IMMEDIATELY drain and rinse in cold water. Rinse until the pasta is cold to the touch, this stops the cooking process and will keep your pasta from getting over-done. Once the pasta is cold, add to the veggies and toss. If needed, add more dressing. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

8 oz. pasta $.75
1 large roma tomato, diced $.56
1 cucumber, diced $.48
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained $1.19
3 ears of corn, kernels removed $1.00
1 C. Bragg Organic Ginger & Sesame Salad Dressing $1.83

***This dressing contains honey. If you are a vegan that eats honey, this is a vegan recipe. If not, this is NOT a vegan recipe. That is why I am posting this as a vegetarian meal instead of a vegan meal.***

I also want to say that you could do SO much to this recipe, onions, olives, capers… the list goes on and on… pepperoni… feta…

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