Organic Plants for Garden (Grown for about $.30 each)

SeedlingsLast year we got a late start planting our garden. Which resulted in us spending way too much on organic plants, and not getting very many tomatoes. This year, I was not going to let that happen! So, while the weather was still too cool for planting, I got a headstart on my plants, and spent less than half by starting from seeds. My friend used an indoor greenhouse, which can be purchased from homedepot, but I figured I could do the same sort of thing for much less. I have been saving up egg crates, because we get eggs from a local farmer, and I like to take him my old crates.
I used them for planting instead šŸ™‚



So I bought organic seeds (Ferry Morse brand), which cost me about $2.00 each pack of seeds, and maybe got 30 seeds in each packet. This costs much less compared to $4.00-$9.00/plant if you buy them as plants! I bought a Burpee brand concentrated seed starter, which is made of coconut fibers (organic) for $2.47/block. This block, you put into a LARGE container of water and it swells into 8 quarts of “soil” to be used as a starter for seeds. I’ve planted 108 plants and still haven’t used half of it! So I filled each egg crate with a heaping spoonful of “soil” and let the little ones plant seeds in each egg holder. Then I added a little more “soil” on top and put the egg crates in my windowsill. I have them covered with a sheet of heavy plastic until they sprout (takes about 5 days), then I uncover and let them grow until they are large enough to be planted! They need to be watered frequently to keep the “soil” wet, and when you are ready to plant, you can
Boys Planting

Boys Planting

just cut each egg compartment apart and plant the whole thing in the ground, because the egg crate will fall apart in the soil. So… This costs me about $.30 per plant! And it’s all organic, fun for kids to see them grow, and yummy to reap the benefits
Heavy Plastic Covering

Heavy Plastic Covering

of having your own plants growing right in your backyard!Seedlings

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