Cucumber Salsa (Serves 4 for about $3.00)

IMG_8580I LOVE salsa. I love it a little too much 🙂 I saw a recipe for a cucumber salsa and tweaked it a little bit to make this refreshing yummy salsa!

Deseed 1 Large cucumber and dice it up. Then dice 1 roma tomato, 1/2 sweet onion, and 1 (or 2) jalapenos and mix into cucumber. Add 1 tsp. (or more if you like 🙂 freshly chopped cilantro, 1/4 C. lite mayo (I use Vegenaise), 1/2 tsp. garlic salt, and freshly ground pepper to taste. Mix it all up and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. Serve with chips!

1 Cucumber, deseeded & diced $.89
1 Roma Tomato, diced $.79
1/2 Sweet onion, diced $.49
1 jalapeno, diced $.65
1 tsp. cilantro
1/4 C. Vegenaise
1/2 tsp. Garlic Salt
Freshly ground pepper

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One Response to Cucumber Salsa (Serves 4 for about $3.00)

  1. William Stewart says:

    Sounds great, but I don’t not got none of that stuff. Of course a sweet little granddaughter could make it up and bring it to me – or send it by carrier pigeon. de ancient one


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