Taco Egg Rolls (Fed 2 for $6.58)

IMG_7085So, my husband wanted tacos for dinner, but I’m so bored of tacos. So I wanted to try something a little different. I had to wait until my kids went to bed to actually put these together, because they require too much work and have to be eaten shortly after they are made or they get soggy šŸ˜¦ You will want to get oil ready for frying, fill your pan about half-way with oil (I use cotton seed oil because it’s local). I set my burner a little lower than medium heat.

So I made all the things to put inside the egg rolls, and just assembled them right before cooking. I browned 3/4 lb. of hamburger meat, which I didn’t use much of at all and will probably put into tomorrows dinner somehow. The meat can be left out altogether and this would be a great vegetarian dish! I seasoned it to our liking for tacos. My husband doesn’t like “taco seasoning,” so really I used about 1/2 tsp. garlic salt, a sprinkle of salt, and a sprinkle of pepper. Set aside.

I wanted a corn salsa in the rolls, so I made that and set aside

I used pinto beans which I made the night before, you could use canned refried beans, or canned pinto or black beans. I probably ended up using about 1/2 C cooked beans. Grate 6 oz cheddar cheese and set aside (or you could use preshredded, I just don’t like the taste of preshredded cheese).
So to assemble the egg rolls, you will get your egg roll wrappers (I used 6 wrappers for this) and lay them on a clean, dry surface. Fill the rolls with what you want to have in them, filling in a line in the center of the roll (see picture). Then roll up one side of the paper, and fold in the corners. IMG_7088 Roll the roll a little into the side that is still laying flat. Then, wet one finger and rub it along the side you have not rolled up. This will create the seal. Roll the egg roll into that side. Once it is sealed, put it int>o the hot oil, seam side down. If you got it too wet be careful, because the oil WILL POP if there is water! Also, be careful not to tear the egg roll paper, or everything will fall out when cooking. Watch the rolls, because they can cook very fast, maybe 4-5 minutes on each side. Remove them from grease when browned,IMG_7089 put on a paper towel to remove excess oil, then serve! When prepping these, you don’t want to let them set for too long before going into the oil, if the egg roll wrappers get too soggy they will tear. So I make them RIGHT before going in the oil. Also, don’t overcrowd them. I cook 2 at a time. When you put them in the oil, it will cool off the oil. If you put too many at once, it will take a LONG time for the oil to heat back up. I served with my creamy avocado dip, rice and beans. ENJOY!
12 ct. Egg roll wrappers (only used 6) $2.99
3/4 lb. Ground beef (can be omitted) $1.59
Corn Salsa
Pinto beans (from dry beans) $.75
6 oz. Cheddar Cheese $1.25

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