Back to School (Nothing to do with food :)

School is starting on Monday!  Yay for getting back into a routine 🙂  This has nothing to do with food, but I wanted to post it anyway.  My step-son is 8, going on 20 🙂 and is going into the 3rd grade this year.  We decided it would be nice to make her a little something to start her school year off just as great as ours!  We went to Hobby Lobby (their shadow boxes are 50% off this week) and got an 8″X10″ shadow box and a box of 24 ct. crayons.  We also had to get some extra glue sticks, because we were out at home.  Then we laid out the first letter of her last name, had to cut some of the crayons to get it just right.  We used the hot glue gun to stick them all on once we had the letter laid out.  Then I printed off her name and pinned it on the board and put the board back in the frame.


It cost us about $17, but I think it’s a great gift!  Happy back to school!!

I wanted to add, Hobby Lobby has a coupon every week you can just pull up on your smart phone, 40% off an item!


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