BLT Tacos (Fed 2 for $2.05)

I made this dish for lunch, and it was a very light and easy meal.  I started off by making the dressing, a sort of ranch mayo.  Mix 2 T of mayo (I use olive oil mayo) with a pinch of ranch dressing spice.  You can find this by the dressing in the supermarket.  Or you can make your own!  Mix thoroughly and put in the fridge.

Then take three pieces of bacon, cut up into bits and cook them to your crispy-liking.  I like mine less crispy, but you make it how you enjoy it!  I like to use my scissors and cut up the bacon before cooking because I can control the size of the bits.  You could cook the bacon first and then karate chop it up if you prefer.

While the bacon is cooking, dice up one tomato (I used a roma out of my garden), and about 1/4 small onion, or a green onion (optional).  Then cut up one head of romaine lettuce.  I cut it thin, because that’s how I enjoy it.  You can use any type of lettuce, this is just what I prefer.  Also, this is entirely too much lettuce for this recipe, I saved the unused portion for a salad at a later date.

Now for assembly!

Lay out a tortilla, and spread about 1 T (or however much you like) of the ranch mayo onto the tortilla.  Then sprinkle around the tomato, then the lettuce and onion.  Then the BACON 🙂  You could roll this up like a wrap, but I added entirely too much of each, so I ate mine like a taco.  They were delicious!

2 Homemade Tortillas $.06

3 Slices of bacon, cut into bits $.75

1 Head of Romaine Lettuce, cut up $.99

1 Roma Tomato, out of garden

1 Onion, out of garden

Ranch Mayo $.25


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One Response to BLT Tacos (Fed 2 for $2.05)

  1. Wow, this looks ahhhhmazing! 🙂
    I found this by looking under the “food” topic wordpress offers – mmmm, glad I stopped by! 🙂

    *have to buy some bacon!*

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