Banoffee Pie (Dessert for $4.70)

This pie is called Banoffee (Banana + Toffee) and is very simple to make, but VERY delicious!

Take a can of sweetened condensed milk and take the label off.  Put the UNOPENED can in a pot of water, make sure that the water is covering the can completely.  Boil for 2.5 hours, checking to make sure the can is still covered with water, and adding water if needed.  After 2.5 hours, take the can out and let it cool on the counter.

You can buy a graham cracker crust at the store, already made, or you can make your own.  I bought honey graham crackers, and put one package (the box has three individual packages inside) in my food processor.  Then I poured the crumbs in the bottom of a pie dish.  Melt 3/4 stick of butter and pour in with the crumbs.  Mix until it is thouroughly combined and press all around the dish, making a crust!

Then chop up two bananas in the bottom of the crust, in no particular order.  Open the cooled can of what once was condensed milk, but is now TOFFEE, stir very well, and pour over the top of the bananas.  Then add whipped cream to the top, cover, and put it in the fridge for one hour.

Then, try not to eat the entire pie 🙂


Graham Crackers $.83

Whipped Cream $.99

Bananas $.39

Sweetened Condensed Milk $2.49

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